Berkshire delivery locations

The Diabetes Prevention Programme starts with an initial assessment where you will meet your Health & Wellbeing Coach so they can take a number of measurements, including height, weight and a skin prick blood sample if required. You will then join a Healthy Foundations Group, which consists of two elements; X-PERT Health Nutrition Sessions and Physical Activity. During these group sessions you will learn about the prevention of Type 2 diabetes and overcoming pre-diabetes using the X-PERT Health programme.

The map below includes our delivery locations in Berkshire. Please note that our delivery is based on demand, as well as venue availability. Therefore, there may be a longer wait for some venues than others.

Further locations can and will be added once there is demand for a specific area.

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Initial assessment locationsOne-to-one delivery location
Delivery locationsGroup delivery location
Initial assessment and group delivery locationOne-to-one delivery  and group delivery location