Roberts diabetes prevention story

Michael has completed the NHS Healthier You Diabetes Prevention Programme after starting in March 2021. He has been happy to share some of his positive outcomes and experiences on the programme with us. 

What did you find useful about the group sessions? What stood out for you in your sessions?

Within the group sessions there was shared enthusiasm from other participants on the programme. It also helped that we had a very engaging and encouraging group leader. The support element was needed and I was very grateful that the interaction between us and the coaches was there.


What changes did you make to your lifestyle, e.g. exercise routine, dietary, habits…?

Within my lifestyle, I mostly focused on my dietary improvements especially reducing the intake of sugar within my diet. I also used the knowledge and understanding of the information given with the programme, to adopt intermittent fasting when it comes to the consumption of food. Overall, there has been some improvement on exercise “good but could do better” – which is a goal of mine for the New Year to focus on the introduction of physical activity. 

What was your favourite part of the programme, why?

The main element which was the most eye-opening on the programme was the science element and the explanation of the food I was consuming. Along with the practice of insulin and sugar control. This information made me understand what insulin is and the importance of reducing the blood sugar levels within my body. 


What challenges did you face with the programme, and how did you overcome them?

Sustaining the improvements was challenging. I have made changes to the programme due to the encouragement. However, some of these have weaned but I want to get back on track.

Would you, or have you, recommended the programme to others? Why? 

Yes - the harm that comes from diabetes (type 2) is not worth the risk, especially as it can be managed by reasonable lifestyle changes. The advice that the programme offers is appropriate and eye-opening in certain areas, especially the dietary information.

What would you say to those who are thinking about joining the programme?

Stick with the full programme - it provides a useful tool set to help you manage your pre-diabetes. The programme can seem like a long time, but it is worth it.