The Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme

We are writing to you with regards to The Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme, funded by NHS England.

We are aware you have a language requirement and perhaps would not benefit from our sessions when delivered in English, and unfortunately at this time we are unable to provide translators. Whilst we may be able to offer you a group in your required language in the future, we do need to have enough patients with the same language requirements which may take a while. This means you may be looking at a longer than usual waiting time before being able to join our programme.

In the meantime, we would like to offer you the opportunity to join the digital stream of the Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme.

This programme is for anyone that would enjoy the benefits of one-to-one support from the comfort of their own home. This is at a time that works for you and can be delivered in your first language. If this option is not possible, and you would prefer not to wait, we can refer you back to the care of your GP who can offer other options.


Provided by Oviva, the Digital Healthier You programme is an entirely remote programme. You will receive 9 months of personalised one-to-one support to improve your lifestyle and reduce your risk of Type 2 diabetes through phone calls or using a smartphone app. 


Members of the programme find the one-to-one health coach support very motivating and enjoy the convenience of speaking to their coach at a time and place that suits their busy schedule. 


Programme and appointment times will be tailored to you. You will have access to a whole range of materials, recipes and other resources that can be accessed online. If you have a smartphone, you can use the Oviva app to track your food and activity, message your personal health coach and set and monitor your personal goals. 


Structure of the programme:

  • 1 x 45-minute telephone consultation with a specialist diabetes dietitian
  • 6 weeks of coaching with a personal health coach (telephone calls and mobile app options available)
  • 7 x 30-minute check-in calls 


If you meet the following criteria, you are eligible for the digital stream of the Healthier You programme:

  • You have access to the internet (a smartphone is preferable, but not essential)
  • You have a personal email address (not shared with a partner or other family member)



If you feel you have met the above criteria and are interested in taking part in the digital programme, please contact us to provide us with your preferred email address.

You may email us at

You can also telephone the Patient Support Team on 0333 577 3010. The Team are available Monday to Saturday 09:00 – 17:00 and will refer you to the digital provider who will contact you via email with details on how to join the programme. 

Please contact us to advise whether you can join the digital programme or if you would like to be discharged back to the care of your GP. Alternatively, if you have somebody who may be able to translate sessions for you, we can discuss options such as placing you on hold for our face-to-face sessions to resume. We would also be happy to keep you on our waiting list with the aim to deliver sessions in your required language when these become possible.

If we do not hear from you within 28 days of the date of this letter, we will assume you do not wish to progress with the programme, and you will be discharged back to the care of your GP.

Kind Regards,

Your Local Healthier You Team