Jaspal's story to beat Type 2 diabetes

Jaspal has recently completed the NHS Healthier You Diabetes Prevention Programme in Leamington and has seen some fantastic results. He has been able to share his results and some of his experiences on the programme.
When I was first told that I was prediabetic, I was shocked as I always thought I was quite healthy. The GP tried to put me on medication and I refused to be put on medication. I wanted to try and improve with exercise and natural ways of reducing the risk. This was 2013 and there was no programme to refer me to. When I was finally told that there was a National Diabetes Prevention Programme, I was thrilled!

What was the best part of the programme for you?

The group discussions – it was nice to pick up information from different perspectives in a group discussion. You always interpret the information in your own way, and in a group setting, you get other people’s interpretations as well. We would discuss the food changes we had made and it was good to learn from others in the group.


Did you find the plan easy to follow?

Yes. It was also very helpful to learn about portion sizes, carbohydrates and the different types of fat. I used to do a little bit of exercise but not on a regular basis, and I learnt it had to be regular exercise to have the most effect. 


Did you feel supported throughout the process?

Yes, I received support from both the participants and the coaches. Iz, Rennae and Narinder were all very helpful.


How has the programme changed your life?

It has given me very useful information about reducing the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.


Would you recommend the programme to others?

Yes I would because it gives very useful information in a simple format which is very easy to follow by everybody.


Waist reduced

from 88cm to 79 cm


Weight reduced

from 65.2 kg to 62.6kg


HbA1c reduced

from 41 to 38


BMI reduced

from 23.66 to 22.72
(as Asian ethnic background, previous weight was overweight)


If you’re like Jaspal and need support to change your lifestyle for the better, join our programme.