David's success story

David was 64 years old when he discovered he was pre-diabetic. The retired railway engineer from Hasland, Chesterfield joined the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme in February 2018 following his doctor’s advice after blood tests were done to investigate another health issue.


David’s story

With the mutual support of group members, and encouragement and advice from the educator, Daniel has successfully reversed his pre-diabetes and lost three stones over nine months, taking him to a trim 12 stone. The key to David’s success was a change in diet and increasing his exercise levels including getting back into running – a sport he last enjoyed during his school days.


David explained:

"The Diabetes Prevention Programme was very motivational. It was interesting to understand exactly how different processes in the body work together and what I needed do to prevent developing Type 2 diabetes. In one session we learned about the potential complications of diabetes, such as a higher likelihood of a heart attack or stroke. That was scary and it really motivated me to make some changes. Since finishing the programme, I have continued to go to the gym, run and swim regularly.
I have cut down on carbs and reduced my portion sizes, so I can still have my favourite pasta dishes – I just have a smaller amount now."

David’s progress to better health was also supported by the Live Life Better Derbyshire weight loss group and the support of staff at Chesterfield’s Queen’s Park Sports Centre gym who developed a fitness programme to help him achieve his goals.


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