Kathleen's journey to beating type 2 diabetes

Kathleen was 75 years old when she joined the NHS Diabetes Prevention programme in October 2018. Following an NHS Health Check her nurse identified that her HbA1c levels were above the healthy range. Kathleen was keen to get support to find a way to manage her HbA1c levels without aggravating other health conditions.


Kathleen’s story

Kathleen first met with an Xyla Health and Wellbeing coach in October 2018 to discuss her risk of Diabetes, set both long-term and short-term goals and for the collection of her baseline measurements. Kathleen started the programme with the aim of increasing her knowledge of food and health and feel healthier in general. Kathleen’s key successes include losing 13lbs in weight and 11cm from her waist. Kathleen also reduced her HbA1c levels to within the healthy range.

Kathleen told us:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the group sessions, I have much more awareness of what I am eating. At first it was difficult to work out what foods I could have without triggering my IBS but with support from Ruth and the other group members I was able to work to reduce my risk of Diabetes without suffering any discomfort. The best part of the programme was the group sessions, everyone contributed throughout the programme so that we could share ideas and struggles.”
“I have lost weight, lost inches around my waist and have reduced my blood sugar levels. I’m now eating a lot more vegetables and fish and drinking a lot more water. The programme really exceeded my expectations, no food was banned it was all about choice and our personal goals.”


If you’re like Kathleen and need support to change your lifestyle for the better, join our programme.