Bredu's Story to beating Type 2 diabetes

What did you enjoy most about the programme?

Getting information for regulating diabetes. Being more aware of what to eat and when I am overloading myself. I’m now being more mindful of what I am putting in my mouth. The coaches always had the information at hand when I asked a question and the one to one support helped when you felt like it was not all going to plan. Having the peer support and knowing you are all in this together also helped. I enjoyed learning and understanding about the different carbs.


What was the key learning did you tale form NDPP?

Knowing how to change my lifestyle for the better, now and going forward, to prevent getting type 2 diabetes. I learnt what the reasons are behind the changes I made and knowing it can be done in stages that I am comfortable with made it easier.


What was your greatest achievement?

I’m now able to exercise more and I have become passionate about exercise. I have been moving around more and walking more. The mindfulness sessions were in invaluable in highlighting the importance of how to manage stress. Overall the well being sessions have helped me to look at all aspects of my life.


Has it increased your awareness of T2D?

I am now fully aware of what happens if you become type 2 diabetic.

Would you recommend this programme to others?

Definitely, I would recommend this programme to others. I would tell anyone who was pre-diabetic to go on this programme if you want to make positive changes in your life and become healthier. Having positive attitudes from the staff make you feel good about yourself.


Do you feel confident in making healthier choices with food and exercise?

I now feel very confident in making decisions about what I am buying and eating. I also know about the benefits of resistance exercise and know that this will help me from day-to-day.


Do you feel confident in saying that you know how to prevent T2D?

Yes, very much so. I know I can do this if I continue to stick with what I have learnt. It is a matter of adding all the information together and putting it into practice.


Which sessions were the most enjoyable?

The mindfulness session was very beneficial to help you deal with stress.


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