Rola's story to beat Type 2 diabetes

What key learnings did you take from NDPP?

I learnt about the difference between sugar and carbohydrates e.g. white bread contains a lot of hidden sugar. I took away that whole grains are the best option and since then I changed all my carb intake to whole grain types rather than white carbohydrates
The programme changed my view on my entire diet, and I am now healthier. If I feel hungry, instead of eating chocolate I fill my stomach with fruit, vegetables or nuts as they are the better option. I now do more exercise of course! Setting weekly goals has helped me keep on target with my weight loss.


Would you recommend this programme to others?

Yes, I would definitely recommend the programme – I really enjoyed myself. First, I’d say at-tend all sessions as all the information is important and I would recommend you ask questions as this will be helping your health. I would recommend following the guidelines and remember the biggest challenge is to maintain practising what you have learnt. I really enjoyed my time on the programme.

Do you feel confident in saying that you know how to prevent Type 2 diabetes?

Yes, by implementing what I learnt, staying healthy and with more exercise, I have made a life-style change I want to stick with. On some occasions, you break a good run, but it is important to maintain dedication and remember why you were there in the first place.


How did you feel the facilitators were at the sessions?

Perfect, they were very helpful. Great information, easily understandable and they simplified the material, which if you just read it, it can be difficult to understand. The facilitators made it easier with the visual props, so when you see it in real life it gives you a better idea and widens the picture. I now know exactly what I must do to reduce my risk of type 2 diabetes.


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