Glen's story to defeating Type 2 diabetes

"The Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme has helped me to understand that I am not alone ."

What was the best part of the programme for you?

The Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme has helped me to understand that I am not alone; being with, listening to and sharing with other people in the same situation (prediabetics) has been invaluable. I have been able to learn from the experience of the other participants. Learning from others has guided my actions and helped me to make the necessary changes. It is good to know that others are in a similar position and we can support each other’s efforts in the group. 


What was the hardest part of the programme for you?

It was really difficult for me to make sense of what had happened. I didn’t understand why I had become prediabetic as I had always considered myself a healthy person. The materials and information I have gained through the programme have helped me make sense of why I am prediabetic. 


What did you think of the support groups?

I really value the sessions and benefit from the support of the group members and the wellness coaches. I have been annoyed that other people do not make the best of the programme and participate fully.

Did you find the plan easy to follow?

There is a lot of information and jargon around the subject of diabetes and nutrition. It is very hard for me to understand because of my progressive memory problems. The coaches have been invaluable in explaining the information in layman's terms and ways we can understand. The materials and resources I have received have been very useful. I can take these home to remind me and also share with my wife and others in my life. The resources have helped my wife and others support me as I make the necessary changes.


Did you feel supported throughout the process?

I feel at the end of the sessions: “I have learnt something here!”. The simple explanations and the opportunity to discuss and explore the problems has been a great support. 


How has the programme changed your life?

The programme has made me more positive about food and knowledgeable about what I eat. It has helped me to understand the value of the food I eat and how it affects my body. The regular setting of goals has helped me make meaningful and manageable changes.


Will you continue to follow the programme now you have finished?

I will without a doubt maintain the changes I have made. First and foremost, I want to and secondly, my wife will make me!


Would you recommend the programme to others, and why?

I enjoy very much that the coaches are genuine, they do not put themselves above the group members. They do not create an 'us and them' situation where they teach from the front; we are not being talked at but guided to make changes. They explain things in ways we can understand, I very much appreciate they are not aloof and present information in clear everyday terms.


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