Anne's diabetes prevention journey in Bedfordshire

What stood out for you in your sessions?

I was surprised to see that I was younger than quite a few of the other participants in my group and my weight was probably more noticeable than some.

What changes did you make to your lifestyle, e.g. exercise routine, dietary, habits...?

I have tried to walk more, although only up and down the garden. I have been cooking daily from scratch and not using any pre-cooked meals. I have learned how to cook chicken (without the skin!) and I stop eating when I am full. However, nothing is wasted as I’ll either finish it as supper or the next day.


Have you accessed any local services (i.e. leisure centres, exercise on referral) due to this programme?

I did actually join a pilates session in January for a couple of months until lockdown. I have done a lot of gardening since lockdown as my gardener was no longer able to come and I will endeavour to walk more.

What changes have you seen in any measurements that have been taken? E.g. HBa1c, waist measurement, weight, clothes size etc...

My HbA1c has reduced from 46 to 42.My weight has decreased by almost 16kg so far. My clothes are now falling off, I need new clothes but have no idea of my new size! I did not measure my waist but used the string test. It goes round my waist much further. My BMI was 36 and is now 29 – so I’ve moved from an obese to an overweight range! I intend to keep improving and will definitely cut down more on alcohol.

Would you, or have you, recommended the programme to others? Why?

Yes, I would recommend it as each month you feel renewed again and determined to make an effort. To do something with others in a similar position is good and you can swap experiences.

What would you say to those who are thinking about joining the programme?

You are not alone! Take small changes i.e. eat off a breakfast plate rather than a dinner plate. Don’t buy cakes if you can’t eat one on its own. Don’t buy biscuits. Buy more fruit eat more vegetables. Try soda as mixer rather than tonic. Don’t go over your weekly alcohol limit!


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