Terry's diabetes prevention journey in Milton Keynes


What did you find useful about the group sessions? What stood out for you in your sessions?

The dynamics of the group, it was great to have a diverse group. Particularly the Taking Charge sessions during lockdown, which were very helpful. The course content was very informative and useful, there was lots of it.

Did you adopt a different dietary approach? If so, what type?

I reduced my carbohydrates significantly and reduced my fizzy drinks and alcohol intake.

What was your favourite part of the programme?

I enjoyed the wellbeing side including dealing with stress, I also really enjoyed the fact that we did class activities which stimulated a conversation.

How has the programme changed your lifestyle? E.g. exercise routine, habits etc...

The programme has made me more aware of what I am eating and also highlighted my need for exercise which I am persevering with.

What changes have you seen in any measurements that have been taken? E.g. HBa1c, waist measurement, weight, clothes size etc...

I have lost about 6 pounds in weight.

Would you, or have you, recommended the programme to others? Why?

I would recommend the programme to others because any learning has got to be beneficial and I did enjoy the course overall.


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