Sharyn's story to beating Type 2 diabetes

What has been the best part of the programme for you so far?

I don’t normally like to get involved with things but being on the programme has made me make an effort to go and meet new people, the group is friendly, and everyone helps each other. I really enjoy going.


What has been the hardest part of the programme for you so far?

It was a surprise to me that I needed to join the program, I had no idea that I wasn’t healthy. So that was quite hard to take in.

All the terminology was quite hard, there are lots of abbreviations that didn’t mean anything to me so I took lots of notes and referring to the literature from the sessions has been really helpful.


How are you finding the support groups?

I felt like a statistic when I was told I needed to go onto the course, but I have really enjoyed the sessions and the support I receive from Debbie and the other people in the group.


Are you finding the plan easy to follow?

It’s really easy to follow and to make small changes that make a big difference.


Do you feel supported throughout the process?

Definitely. The coach has been very supportive and is always there to answer any questions. Debbie is very good at explaining things.

How has the programme changed your life?

I have lost weight. It has made me more conscious of being more physically active. I do more walking now. The sessions have made me realise that small changes make a big difference.

I also read labels more now, so it has made me change my behaviour while I am shopping.


Will you continue to follow the programme when you have finished?

I will stick to it, I won’t go back to overeating. It has all been beneficial to me.


Would you recommend the programme to others?

I would recommend it to others, yes.

Do you mind sharing any of your results so far? If so what has the improvement been?

I have lost almost 1 stone in weight.


Do you have any more feedback you'd like to share?

I really did get on well and interacted with everyone in the group. I have learnt a lot about balancing foods. I now buy more fruit and vegetables and plan my meals. The cookery session was great! I now look at ingredients more and find the traffic light system really helpful. I have also changed my portion sizes; the program has been a real eye opener. It was a good group, we all helped and supported each other.

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