Beverley – Achieving her goals

Beverley was 55 years old when she went to her GP for answers after experiencing unexplained fatigue. In September 2018 following a blood test, her GP confirmed that she had pre-diabetic blood glucose levels. Beverley joined the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme in October 2018.

Beverley’s story

When Beverley started the programme, she worked with the Xyla Health and Wellbeing Coach to set goals to work towards. With support from the Xyla Health & Wellbeing Coach alongside her friends and family Beverley achieved the goals she set herself, losing over 1.5 stone and reducing her HbA1c to within the healthy range and even managed to adapt her husbands’ diet along the way.


Beverley explained:

“It was hard to get my head around the science aspect of diabetes at first, but the coaches broke it down each week into manageable blocks that made it easier to digest. I enjoyed learning how to eat effectively resulting in me not only losing weight but also to feel better in myself.”

“I’m enjoying life more now. I have joined regular exercise programmes at my local sports centre, so I feel fitter and healthier, but I still enjoy my food. Despite other health issues I feel more invigorated and energetic. Life is good in more ways than one.”
“I would definitely recommend the programme to others. They have to want to make the changes though as it’s not always easy but with the support available I managed to adjust my eating habits and make the changes needed”


How to refer

If you’re like Beverley and need support to change your lifestyle for the better, join our programme.