Terence's Diabetes Prevention journey to beat Type 2 diabetes

I thought the course offered a structure to changes that I knew I had to make. It contained good technical information including some of the latest thinking regarding diet. It was a focus for me to ensure a constant weight loss. I could also get answers to any questions I had regarding diet and reducing my sugar levels. Having someone monitor my weight loss helped as being a very competitive sort of person I did not want to be seen to fail in my own personal goals. Mindfulness was included which was good as I use self-hypnotherapy to achieve my goals. 

What was the best part of the programme for you?

The depth of the information received. The information books supplied provided a great deal of technical information. It also gave some up to date information on the latest thinking regarding diet and weight loss. It also touched on the psychological aspects of weight loss and habit changing which was helpful to me as I have a professional interest in this. I think it good to have regular meetings as it means you can set time targets for weight loss and diet changes. Our coach was supportive kind and enthusiastic throughout which made them more enjoyable as well.