Graham's story


Graham was referred to ICS Health & Wellbeing after a routine Health Check. At that time, Graham was still suffering from depression due to the loss of his oldest daughter. He was spending most of his time indoor, watching TV and avoiding meeting other people, even family members and close friends. His health check test results came as a shock for Graham. 

Following Graham’s initial assessment, weighing 66.5kg and with a HbA1c over 42mmol/mol he was booked onto a programme.

“I am very pleased that I am part of a very supportive group where everyone is experiencing a similar situation. We all are willing to motivate each other, and I look forward to my next group meeting.”

After 10 weeks on the programme, Graham has lost almost 10% of his body weight, now weighing 60.6kg. He says he learned a lot about nutrition and physical activity and now understands what parts of his lifestyle needed to change. 

He continues “When I first came to our group meeting, I was worried and depressed, but now I am not feeling so down. I feel a lot better for making changes. Walking more has helped me to lose weight. I’ve been given all the information and encouragement I needed. I wasn’t told off and I was praised for what I had achieved which boosted my motivation.” Graham is determined to maintain his new healthy lifestyle and he is looking forward to gaining new knowledge. He is excited to see how the programme will unfold.


If you’re like Graham and need support to change your lifestyle for the better, join our programme.