Somerset (excluding North East Somerset and Bath) delivery locations

The Diabetes Prevention Programme starts with an initial assessment with a Health & Wellbeing Coach to assess your health and wellbeing, understand your individual needs, motivations and programme goals. You will then join a local group programme, which consists of nutrition guidance and support, individual strategies and tools to empower long term progress and exercise sessions and advice, During these group sessions you will learn about the prevention of Type 2 diabetes and overcoming pre-diabetes.

The map below includes our delivery locations in Somerset (excluding North East Somerset and Bath). Please note that our delivery is based on demand, as well as venue availability. Therefore, there may be a longer wait for some venues than others.


Further locations can and will be added once there is demand for a specific area.

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Initial assessment locationsOne-to-one delivery location
Delivery locationsGroup delivery location
Contact usOne-to-one and group delivery location

*Venues used to host one-to-one and group sessions are subject to review and change*