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About Oviva Digital Support

On Oviva’s digital programme, you will be supported to feel more confident managing your health, improve your blood glucose levels, lose weight if you need to and build new habits to help you lead a healthier, happier lifestyle.

When you join, we will assess your needs and understand your preferences to provide you with a personalised healthcare plan. You will have the choice to be matched with your own personal health coach or coach-led peer support group to help you throughout your journey. You will also have the choice to receive support either via the NHS-approved Oviva app over secure app messaging, or phone/video calls. Throughout the journey, you will have support at regular intervals to help you achieve your goals.  

You will have access to the Oviva app where you can track your progress, food, mood and activity, and communicate with your coach. You will have lifetime access to the app to ensure you make long-term changes to your lifestyle even after the programme ends. Throughout the programme, new learning modules and resources on Oviva Learn will unlock for you to read, watch and listen. This is available via the Oviva app or you can log in via a computer or laptop.  

Next steps

Have been referred onto the programme by your GP and received a blood sugar or HbA1c/FBG reading?

Register for the programme

b) Have you not been referred onto the programme yet?

Complete our Know Your Risk tool to see if you are eligible for the programme.

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