Our success stories

Arvid's story - Norfolk

Arvid says he feels ‘fantastic’ since joining the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme.

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Cally's story - Lincolnshire

"The initial assessment was an important part of the programme, it was a powerful message outlining the risks"

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Claudine's story - Worcestershire

“I wanted to share my experience to show others that preventing diabetes is not as hard as you would think"

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David's story - Wirral

"I felt incredibly supported throughout the programme by my coach, as well as the other individuals in my group"

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Ellen's story - Cheshire

"I felt incredibly supported throughout the whole process, not only from my coach but also from the group members"

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Lillian's story - Essex

Watch Lillian’s story and how she was determined to beat Type 2 diabetes.

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Ruth's story - London

I have lost 4.5kg during this course; and I no longer have pre-diabetes symptoms

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Terry's story - Worcestershire

Terry recently completed our diabetes prevention programme and shares his experience.

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Sarah's story - Norfolk

Sarah, joined the Norfolk Healthier You NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme in June 2017.

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Zaman's story - Hounslow

Since being on the programme, Zaman has lost 15kg.

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Paul and Julia's story - Worcestershire

Paul and Julia have developed a healthier lifestyle by being on the programme.

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Simon's story - North London

Since joining the programme, Simon has lost over 40 kilos.

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