About Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme

Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme is part of the national programme which is expected to provide support to 100,000 individuals each year.

Working with our digital partner, Oviva, we deliver tailored, personalised support to reduce people's risk of Type 2 diabetes. This includes education on healthy eating and lifestyle, help to lose weight and physical exercise programmes- all of which together have been proven to reduce the risk of developing the disease.

Register with Xyla Health and Wellbeing

You are eligible for your local NHS Healthier You service if you meet the following criteria:

How to join

If you have been told you are at risk of diabetes and meet the criteria, you can access your local Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme service in the following ways:

What can you expect?

Your Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme service is free to all those at risk of Type 2 diabetes, who are registered with a GP in one of our supported locations. Once you have confirmed your place, you will be supported through the following 9-month programme:

Initial one-to-one assessment with your Health & Wellbeing Coach to assess your health and wellbeing, understand your individual needs, motivations and programme goals.


After your initial assessment, you will learn how to prevent Type 2 diabetes, have the opportunity to partake in group discussions and ask your coach questions, all from the comfort of your home. There are two ways to take part in the programme, depending on your personal preference; group based sessions which consists of 6 fortnightly and 7 monthly group sessions or a one to one digital option. You will cover various topics, including nutrition guidance and support, physical activity advice and individual strategies and tools to empower long term progress.


Your end of programme one-to-one appointment with your Health & Wellbeing Coach will consolidate your learning to date and support you with setting your post-programme goals. Your final appointment will also provide the opportunity to celebrate your biggest achievements and discuss the extended support package available to you.


Sessions are held at various times to suit you, including day, evenings and weekends. You’re sure to find one convenient for you. You can choose the pathway that is preferable to you whether that be group based or the digital one to one option. 

The Xyla Health & Wellbeing team are passionate about people and their health. If you’re worried about diabetes and want to talk to us about how to prevent it, then get in touch. You’ll find us personable, friendly, positive and encouraging. We're here to help you.  


About Xyla Health & Wellbeing

Empowering people to live healthier lives for longer

Xyla Health & Wellbeing is a dynamic, and accomplished organisation dedicated to making the UK’s local and workplace communities healthier. Working with local authorities, CCGs, NHS England and employers, we design, implement and evaluate innovative health and wellbeing services that will result in long-term health benefits through sustained behaviour change.

Our ethos

We care passionately about people and their health and all our interactions reflect this. We achieve lasting results through our positive, personable approach, firmly backed up by clinical expertise.

Our values

We are shaped by our core values that determine our priorities and drive our behaviour:

Trusted partners

Trusted to provide quality integrated health and social care to all who rely on us, from our customers to service users.

Evidence-based expertise

Committed to enable the highest standards of health and social care through our evidence-based approach.

Intelligent transformation

Using insight, experience and ingenuity to improve the delivery of health and social care services.

Fully integrated

Xyla Health & Wellbeing is one of the few UK organisations offering a fully integrated health service that can be tailored to suit the needs of local and workplace communities. Commissioners can choose to work with us across our entire offering via our integrated health and wellbeing service, or select aspects that are most relevant.

The UK’s largest healthcare solutions partner

Being part of the Acacium Group means we benefit from the infrastructure of a large, robust organisation with experience across the healthcare industry. Our people are highly capable specialists in their field who follow a proven, insight-based approach.

Person centered

We continuously support the health and wellbeing of those who encounter our services, from initial contact through to programme completion. Our programmes are service-user focused; we support individuals via co-developed, personalised action plans. This structure supports service-user choice and allows people to decide what actions are required to support their unique needs during the programme and beyond, and work with us to achieve them.