Why does Xyla Health & Wellbeing use a chatbot platform for communication?  

We continually look at ways to improve our service and communication with our service users. As part of this, our operational and technical teams are introducing an improved chatbot and we were testing this prior to its launch.  

Why did I receive a message with someone else’s details? 

Due to human error, our technical team inadvertently sent test data to some users. The names and medical centre mentioned in the message were test data and did not include any personal user information.

Why did this happen more than once to some service users? 

After the first accidental distribution of test data, we took measures to mitigate the risk. Unfortunately, these actions did not prevent the same test data from being sent again through an alternate route. Our technical team is now working closely with our platform provider to conduct a comprehensive review and develop a roadmap to minimise the risk of such incidents in the future.

Why do you have my data? 

To effectively communicate with you as part of your participation in our programme(s). 

Was this a data breach? 

No this was not a data breach. No personal user data was shared with any other service users. The message contained test data only. 

Have you reported this to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) 

No personal data was breached. Our Data Protection Officer has investigated and does not believe this incident has reached the threshold for reporting to the ICO. However, we understand the concern these messages caused you and have completed a full investigation with our platform provider. 

How do I know my data is safe? 

We take data protection seriously and have robust protocols, policies, and security mechanisms in place to safeguard your privacy. You can learn more about our commitment to information security and data protection in our Privacy Policy

What measures have been put in place to prevent this from happening again? 

Our technical teams have taken additional actions to mitigate the risk of such incidents in the future. We are also conducting a comprehensive review with our platform provider to further reduce the likelihood of recurrence. 

I want to continue with the programme, but I want my contact data to be removed

To effectively communicate with you as part of your involvement in our programme(s), we are required to retain your contact details. However, if you’d prefer to stop receiving our chatbot communications, reminder SMS and/or reminder emails, please email info@preventing-diabetes.co.uk and our team can update your preferences accordingly.

I want to be discharged from the programme and I want my data to be removed 

You can initiate the right to be forgotten process by contacting dpo@acaciumgroup.com and requesting your data to be removed and to be discharged from the programme. If possible, please confirm your Service User ID as part of this request.  

I am already discharged from the programme and I want my data to be removed 

If you have already been discharged from the programme, you can request the removal of your data by following the right to be forgotten process. Please contact dpo@acaciumgroup.com and specify your Service User ID, if available, to assist us in fulfilling your request promptly.