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Mindfulness- Rhythm Breathing (text guide)

The following will guide you through soothing rhythm breathing. This is a helpful exercise, to begin with when working on relaxation.


Breathing exercise 

The following will guide you through soothing rhythm breathing. This is a helpful exercise, to begin with when working on relaxation. 

Step one – Sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor 

Place your feet about a shoulder’s width apart, your back straight and head in line. Your posture should be upright and comfortable –relaxed but alert, rather than floppy or sleepy. 

Step two – Gently close your eyes or look down at the floor 

Unfocus your gaze if you prefer. Create a friendly facial expression -relax your facial muscles, let your jaw drop and mouth turn into a slight smile. Increase your smile to the point that is comfortable for you and gives you the feeling of friendliness. 

Step three – Focus on your breathing 

Breathe in through your nose for around 4-5 seconds. Hold. Then breathe out of your nose for 4-5 seconds and repeat. 

Concentrate on the air coming through your nose, into your lungs, staying a short while and then moving back out through your nose. Notice how your diaphragm moves gently as you breathe in and out. 

Step four – Breath slightly slower and deeper than you would normally 

Focus particularly on breathing out and the air leaving your nose with a steady rhythm. Ensure you are breathing in and out evenly –don’t rush. As you develop your rhythm, notice how your body responds to your breathing -as if you are linking the rhythm within your body to something soothing and calming to you. 

Practice this for 30 seconds. 

Step five – Ground yourself for a moment 

Sense the weight of your body resting on the chair and the floor underneath you. Does your body feel slightly heavier in the chair now that you have slowed your breathing? 

In this moment, allow yourself to feel held and supported -rest in the present moment, staying alert with good body posture. Feel the stability in your body that has come from slowing down your breathing. 

Step six – It is perfectly fine for your mind to wander 

If you notice this, gently guide your attention back to an awareness of your body. Breathe steadily in and out, sensing the flow of air coming in and out of your nostrils; allowing things to be as they are, feeling your body slowing down. 

Check on your friendly facial expression, then continue to experience your soothing rhythm breathing for one minute. 


When you are ready, open your eyes or refocus. Have a look at your surroundings and increase your smile slightly for a moment or two. 

Take a stretch, moving your body.