Janeth's Diabetes Prevention Journey

Type 2 diabetes runs in my family, so I was worried and stressed about what it’d mean as it’d be another thing for me to think about in everyday life. But the Diabetes Prevention Programme taught me about nutrition, exercise, habits and motivation, meaning I knew everything I needed to change my lifestyle and become more aware.

What was the best part of the programme for you?

The coach was amazing at delivering the sessions and explaining things. They were very approachable and actually listened and helped to find solutions for everyone.

What was the hardest part of the programme for you?

Fitting it into my everyday life and putting into practice what I learnt at the sessions.

What did you think of the support groups?

Good support and interaction within the group. I learnt a lot from everyone there.

Did you find the plan easy to follow?

Yes, the resources very interactive and thanks to the handbooks I had information to read over after the sessions.

Did you feel supported throughout the process?

Yes, I was supported by the coach and group. My family and friends have also been supportive and encouraging. I felt my worry starting to go as I learnt more about good habits, diet and exercise.

How has the programme changed your life?

Keeping me healthy and busy at the same time. On top of this, I’m really trying to stick to my changes.

Will you continue to follow the programme now you have finished?

Yes, definitely.

Would you recommend the programme to others, and why?

Yes definitely, it’s saving your life and stops all those extreme complications. It makes you conscious of the healthy changes you can make and how they benefit you.

Do you mind sharing your results? If so, what have the improvements been?

I’m much happier with my lifestyle and I can talk with confidence to people relating to health. I’ve lost over 8% of my body weight (15.9lbs) in 4 months. I feel more energetic and better in myself as I’m more active and eating healthier.


If you’re like Janeth and need support to change your lifestyle for the better, join our programme.