Derek's diabetes prevention journey in Luton


What was the best part of the programme for you?

I never looked at food labels before and that session was so useful. Mindfulness and relaxation techniques even remotely with Adi helped to reduce my stress. I found all the sessions very different which kept me interested all the times. I didn’t enjoy the MM sessions because I love to swim, that’s the only reason!

What was the hardest part of the programme for you?

Giving up the sweets and beers at the beginning, I remember having bad pain in my jaws due to the sugar withdrawal. In the end, I lost quite a few pounds, especially in the midsection.

What did you think of the support groups?

I found the groups really engaging and motivating, Adi (my coach) was brilliant! I also enjoyed the remote sessions and want to say congratulations everyone for continuing the sessions.

Did you find the plan easy to follow?

Very easy to follow, I love reading but I may suggest that it might be too much for other people. Perhaps shorten sessions and more to the point.

Did you feel supported throughout the process?

Always from Adi, Manuela and the company. If they don’t have the answer straight away they will search and answer it the next session. Very professional.

How has the programme changed your life?

For the better, forever. I will never go back, always moving forward.

Will you continue to follow the programme now you have finished?

Of course, I keep re-reading the materials.

Would you recommend the programme to others, and why?

I have to others at the Inspire pool in Luton. As well as the remote sessions to a lady while walking the dog.

Do you mind sharing your results? If so what has the improvement been?

Yes, I’m not pre-diabetic anymore, my blood glucose is normal. Lost a bit of weight but it wasn’t my goal, but definitely, the clothes fit better.

Have you accessed any local external services following their attendance at any of the group sessions or through any signposting information you have been given i.e. leisure centres, exercise on referral, weight-management, social-prescribing etc

Yes, I have joined the Inspire Luton pool with the discounted rate offered and enjoyed the guest speakers from Total Wellbeing.


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