Geoffrey's journey to weight loss and beating Type 2 diabetes

What has been the best part of the programme for you so far?

Learning about food, what sort of food to eat and how much to put on your plate.


What has been the hardest part of the programme for you so far?

Trying to stick to the recommended plate of food. It has been difficult during this period because I am in the highly vulnerable and at risk group and have been at home for 3 month. I try to eat healthy, sometimes I know I haven’t quite got the portions correct but I do my best.


How are you finding the support groups?

It’s very good and has got better and better as we have gone on. Nicola has done a good job, because doing it in itself is difficult. I have been able to tell her what my weight loss is and what I’ve been doing. She encourages you, which is what you need.


Are you finding the plan easy to follow?

Yes, I am determined, I am completely driven to losing my weight and get into a healthy BMI and I am getting towards it, that is my clear objective. I have changed some things in my diet making sure I have the 5 fruits and vegetables a day, and it’s paying off. I’m also sticking rigidly to a regime of drinking water and eating well.

I exercise at home 5 or 6 days a week. Each day I’m doing between 45 – 60 minutes of physical activity.

Do you feel supported throughout the process?

Yes, you get support when you log into the session, it’s very supportive and you can find out how other people are getting on. A lot of them have the same sort of problems as myself, particularly exercising in the house during the Corona Virus lockdown. Nicola is very supportive, she’s really encouraging, and she says things like well done. It’s really good.


How has the programme changed your life?

My lifestyle has changed completely. Before I started I was always one for looking for things to snack on after my evening meal. I haven’t eaten any crisps or sandwiches for 3 months. I’m not missing it. Once you start to lose weight and your BMI improves that’s the motivator. I am determined to get to a healthy BMI and improve my diabetes condition.


Will you continue to follow the programme when you have finished?

Absolutely, that’s essential. You can’t just do it for a while and then stop. That’s it now. This is now my way of life.


Would you recommend the programme to others?

Absolutely, the NHS does such a good job offering this as a free programme and I think anyone who is at risk for Diabetes Type 2 should take the opportunity to join. If they don’t, they are missing out. It’s a big help.


Do you mind sharing any of your results so far? If so what has the improvement been?

9.1 kg weight loss.

10.2 cm waist loss.


Do you have any more feedback you'd like to share?

I just recommend the course. Like most people on it I am really grateful to the NHS putting on this for us - it’s not easy, it’s free of charge and people have done really well.

I can’t say enough about Nicola, the booklets we have had are excellent for planning and you can also can read a lot of information on the website. I can’t praise the course enough.


Find out more about the Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme here.