Martin's story to beat Type 2 diabetes

What did you enjoy about the programme?

Meeting other people, it spurred me on to make changes to lose weight and improve my diet. This programme gave me the tools to make mindful decisions on what I was eating, such as my carbohydrate intake of bread, pasta and potatoes, and increasing the range of different fruit I eat.


What key learning did you take from the NDPP?

The information needed to prevent diabetes and knowing about blood glucose control. As I have diabetes in my family this was vital information.


Would you recommend this programme to others?

Yes, I have told so many people about the programme. My son is also on the programme in a different borough. This programme could be life-changing. The sessions are at a time and venue that is convenient for you.


What benefit has this programme had on your overall health?

The programme has reinforced what I need to do in terms of eating nutritional food and doing resistant physical activity in my day to day life. I am going swimming more, I started off doing 10 lengths and I am now doing 30 lengths. I have continued to walk more. I am no longer in the pre-diabetic range anymore due to changing what I eat and exercising more.

Do you feel confident to say you know how to prevent Type 2 diabetes?

Yes, the more sessions I attended, the more my knowledge grew. This led me into doing more research. I gained more knowledge, which enabled me to feel better informed to continue to make better choices.


What were the best sessions?

The best sessions were on being aware of the different carbohydrates, this is a big factor for making positive changes. I’m now aware of the possible complications of Type 2 diabetes. This has helped my anxiety improve and I have been able to have a better quality of sleep.


How did you find your facilitator at the sessions?

Very good, always able to listen and very friendly and was able to gauge the group.


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