Zaman’s road to preventing Type 2 diabetes

With a family history of diabetes, a stressful life and a sedentary lifestyle, Zaman was referred to the Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme by his GP. After his Initial Assessment, Zaman joined the London programme near his home in Hounslow.

Zaman acknowledged that he was much lighter in his thirties and lifestyle changes needed to be made. Since being on the programme, Zaman has lost 15kg! We asked him some questions so he could share his experience with us.

What was your favourite part of the programme?

The Initial Assessment was a great wake up call for me as it made me aware of how overweight I was and the importance of making healthier choices and goal-setting. My coach was amazing during the whole course and helped me to put a plan together to match my lifestyle.

What was the hardest part of the programme for you?

Initially some of the concepts during the group sessions were hard to understand; however, my questions were always answered and my coach helped me to understand anything I was unsure about.

How did you find the support groups?

My group was excellent at grasping information quickly so we all supported each other when needed, we were all so determined and motivated – we even bought weights for the physical activity sessions! Angelica- my coach- always helped to fill in the gaps when I wasn’t sure, which made the plan easier to follow. The booklet was also handy to use at home with useful visuals to help me along the way.

Will you continue to follow the programme now you have finished?

Absolutely, this is a permanent lifestyle change for me. Initially I wasn’t sure if it was worth it but I completed the course and I would definitely recommend it to others. My advice to others starting the course is to follow it through and you’ll learn so much more.