Arvid’s story to beat Type 2 diabetes

Arvid says he feels ‘fantastic’ since joining the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme. Following 12 weeks on the programme, he has lost a whopping two stone and eight inches from his waist after revolutionising his daily routine.

The thing that impressed me is that it was based on scientific evidence” Arvid explains. “The leader could explain to me what I needed to do and why it would work; what the evidence behind it was all about.”

Since beginning the programme Arvid takes his dog out for daily three-and-a-half-mile walks and undertakes High Intensity Interval Training for seven to 10 minutes every day, as well as following his diet guidelines of fewer complex sugars and carbohydrates and increased protein.

Once it is explained you are more mindful of what you are fuelling your body with, it educates you to make the right choices. Since I have lost the weight I have so much energy and this in itself makes me feel so much better.”

Arvid will continue the programme for another six months, learning about mindfulness techniques, the benefits of physical activity and being encouraged to set goals throughout.

The leaders were enormously supportive in helping me adapt the changes to my everyday life, if it is involved in your everyday habits then it all becomes second nature – it’s not a diet but a lifestyle choice; I choose life.”

If you’re like Arvid and need support to change your lifestyle for the better, join our programme. Ask your GP how to get referred or contact us.