Sarah’s story to beat Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is characterised by the body being unable to metabolise glucose (a simple sugar). This leads to high levels of blood glucose which over time may damage the organs of the body. Xyla Health & Wellbeing are one of the four providers who are delivering the Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme throughout the UK to tackle diabetes head on.

Our service user, Sarah, joined the Norfolk Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme in June 2017 and shares her story with us. After the doctor recommended she join one of our programmes, Sarah has lost almost 10cm off her waist measurement and over a stone in weight since starting the programme.

What was your favourite part of the programme?

The holistic approach was good – it made the program seem less of a “slimming club” and more of an overall health programme. It was excellent that it included actual medical information with regard to diabetes and what is happening inside the body. This gave a greater understanding of the health risks and what could be done to combat them.

What was the hardest part of the programme for you?

There really was no hard part to the programme. The course leaders were friendly and approachable, they gave lots of information and the book that was issued as part of the course was interesting and informative.

Did you feel supported throughout the process?

Yes, I felt that I could ask anything and receive a full answer to my questions. The information in the book was an excellent reference point also. The support groups were a manageable size and were friendly in their approach. Plenty of opportunity was given to share successes and challenges and talk about ways to overcome difficulties.

Will you continue to follow the programme now you have finished?

Yes definitely. The programme has given me confidence to implement changes – not in the same way as a slimming plan but in the context of implementing a lifestyle change that I can maintain.

If you’re like Sarah and need support to change your lifestyle for the better, join our programme. Ask your GP how to get referred or contact us.