Merlene’s Diabetes prevention journey in Waltham Forest

What benefits has this programme had on your overall health?

This programme has helped me to focus on healthy eating. It tells you about the hidden carbohydrates and it helps you identify the different types. Also, when the best time to eat them is.
This has been very useful when I am making food choices. This is making a great impact to my life.

Do you feel confident in making healthier choices?

Yes, I am doing water exercise, walking more, also I’m doing general exercise classes. I am continuing to keep active.

What session was most enjoyable?

I found all the sessions enjoyable. Each week you will learn something new and recap over the previous session.

Were there difficulties you faced while changing your lifestyle? How did you overcome these?

I looked at portion sizes, the amount of food that I was eating and cutting back on carbohydrates. I looked at the intermittent fasting. I now look at a time of day when I eat my food.

What prompted you to undertake the DPP?

I was referred by my doctor and started to act straight away to reduce my weight. I started to get healthier from then on by focusing on what I was eating.

How did you feel the facilitators were in the sessions?

Even before the programme started, they were very helpful from the get-go. They were knowledgeable from the first time I met them at the initial assessment. I felt that the instructor knew what she was talking about and had confidence in her delivery.

Would you recommend the programme to others?

Yes, I have told friends and family about the benefits of taking part in the programme; it will help them to change their life for the better. The programme will give you an understanding of how to work with your body, how to reduce the risk of getting diabetes and letting you know the impact of the long-term health problems.

Do you have any advice for somebody who will be starting the programme?

I would encourage them to keep going, just to stick with the programme, they will get valuable information from each session that will make a big difference to their life. You will meet people and make friends. I have made a friend who now comes to my exercise classes with me

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