Sonia’s journey to beat type 2 diabetes

What did you find useful about the group sessions?

For me personally, I really enjoyed the support of the group. We learnt how we are in control of improving our health and I loved hearing how others were getting on and what changes they’d made. I wasn’t sure how much new information I’d learn but it was great to hear up to date information about how I can manage my blood glucose levels and I learnt a lot from the programme. Our coach was really interactive and was able to draw everyone into the conversation. He made the sessions flow smoothly and he really knew his stuff, you could trust everything he said. He also really encouraged everyone to want to share their ideas and experiences which was lovely. 

What changes did you make to your lifestyle, e.g. exercise routine, dietary, habits…?

I learnt lots of different ways to improve my diet and how I could be more active based on what I enjoy. I started being more active around the house, I do more gardening and I also started going to the gym. I’m not usually the type of person that likes the gym, but my health coach has helped give me a positive mental attitude and to highlight what’s important to focus on. When I wake up in the morning, I really look forward to going to the gym because I use visualisation to focus my mind on losing weight and getting into shape. We were taught to think about succeeding twice a day to help improve our mindset. And it did! It’s made me much more positive and it’s made me feel much happier. 

What challenges did you face with the programme, and how did you overcome them?

With having high cholesterol as well prediabetes, I had to consider how this prediabetes advice and my GP’s cholesterol advice could merge to help me manage both conditions. For example, if I was to choose a product low in sugar to reduce my prediabetes, it meant the product was high in fat instead, which could be detrimental to my cholesterol. But I learnt how to look for low sugar and healthy fat products as they are essential for a healthy and well-balanced diet.

What changes have you seen in any measurements that have been taken? E.g. HBa1c, waist measurement, weight, clothes size etc…

As a result of the programme, I’ve lost 2 inches overall from my waist measurement. I used to be a dress size 16, but now I typically wear a size 14! Would you, or have you, recommended the programme to others? Why? I encouraged my husband to lead the same lifestyle as me even though his blood glucose is in the normal range, as there are so many health benefits that can be achieved by taking the advice of the programme. We go to the gym together 3 times a week. If I was to go back to working as a nurse, or if I knew anyone that was struggling with prediabetes, I would 100% recommend the programme.

What would you say to those who are thinking about joining the programme?

Keep a very open mind. I learnt things I didn’t expect to learn, particularly about the mindset side of things, which to me, was a fundamental part of to the programme and my success