Tailored Remote Service

We offer a range of tailored groups, delivered remotely so you can access the programme from the comfort of your home, though Microsoft Teams:

– British Sign Language
– Have a hearing or visual need
– Need a language specific group (Bengali, Urdu, Punjabi, Gujarati)
– A woman with a previous history of gestational diabetes

What are the benefits of a Tailored Remote Service?

If you think the dynamics of an in-person group session may be difficult for you, due to the noise, or difficulty reading a screen from a distance, a tailored remote group, delivered remotely so you can access the programme from the comfort of your home, though Microsoft Teams.

Additionally, we also deliver language specific groups, for example in Urdu, Bengali, Punjabi, and Gujarati, so if you would prefer to attend a group in a specific language, a tailored group could suit you.

Finally we also deliver groups designed specifically for women with a previous history of gestational diabetes; which includes specialist information.

Initial assessment

The initial assessment will take around 40 minutes to complete and will be either via phone or email. You can tell us which day(s) of the week would be best for you.

Group sessions

You can join 14 interactive group sessions led by our qualified coaches delivered on Microsoft Teams. Our friendly team can support you in accessing the sessions through our Microsoft Teams guidance.

Next Steps – book your sessions

You can view all the upcoming sessions in the table below, including start date and time.  

Once you’ve found a suitable group, use the form below to request to join. We’ll then email you with confirmation of your booking shortly afterwards.  

Please note: Spaces for each session are limited and are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. We recommend requesting your place in the group as soon as possible. 

Upcoming group session dates

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Request to book a session

You can find the group ID for the session in the first column of the table.

You will have access to the Wellbeing Way app

Before your first group session, you will gain access to the Wellbeing Way app.

You will receive an email invite which will include all of the instructions on how to register.

The Wellbeing Way app will give you access to: tailored resources, interactive educational modules, quizzes, podcasts, webinars, exercise videos, recipes and an in-built health tracker, enabling you to set, monitor and achieve your goals.

More about the programme

The NHS Healthier You: Diabetes Prevention Programme is designed to help you take control of your health, supporting you to make changes to your diet, weight and the amount of physical activity you do. Taking action now is very important as it can stop you developing Type 2 Diabetes.

Click here to read more about the programme.

You can also contact us on 0333 577 3010 or email us at info@preventing-diabetes.co.uk