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A dedicated section of information and resources, including tools, templates and blog posts, designed to support your well-being and empower you on your journey toward a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Practical guides and videos

Menopause webinar

Mindfulness – visualisation exercise (text guide)

My weight over the years

NDPP Taking Charge Handbook

The problem solving cycle


“I don’t feel like it” – Read this!

4 simple steps to habit stacking

5 easy top tips to improve your sleep

Be your own friend: Harness the power of thoughts

Being with friends and family

Building a healthy relationship with food

Christian holidays and festivals – a guide to healthy holidays

Coping with new year

Creating healthy habits at work

Diabetes and immunity Preventing diabetes website

Eating mindfully

Guide to goal setting: Making your goals work for you

How can my values help me with my goals

How did you sleep?

How to stay healthy along with the changing seasons

Islamic Holidays and Festivals – A guide to healthy

Jewish Holidays and Festivals – A guide to healthy holidays

Looking after yourself this Winter

Managing chronic conditions

Mindful colouring – The benefits and top tips

My experience of Patients Accessing Healthcare

Our top 5 mental health quotes

Risk and illness perception

Sikh Holidays & Festivals – A guide to healthy holidays

Staying on track when life changes

Stress – The fight or flight response

Stress awareness

Supporting friends and family with their journey

Ten tips to maintain change

Tips to cope with isolation and/or loneliness

Tips for lowering your carb intake

Type 2 Diabetes Explained

Which routine shall I choose

Winter wellness

Your emotional wellness toolkit: 31 tips to boost your mental health

Tools and templates

12 week physical activity plan

Dream routines

How to assess your health

How to calculate your BMI

How to measure your waist: The string test

Menopause signposting

Mindfulness – Body scan (audio guide)

Mindfulness – Body scan (text guide)

Mindfulness – Rhythm breathing (audio guide)

Mindfulness – Rhythm breathing (Text Guide)

Mindfulness – Visualisation exercise (text guide)

Weight conversion chart

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Moving more

Eating well and meal plans