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Missed a session? Book onto one of our catch up sessions today.

If you’ve missed one of your sessions, don’t worry, you can always book onto one of our regular catch up sessions. All you need to do is select the session below that you’d like to catch up on and book onto the session that suits you the most.

Session 1. Understanding diabetes and getting started

Session 2. Habits including social & cultural influences on food

Session 3. Movement for medicine

Session 4. What is a healthy diet & addressing barriers

Session 5. Stress and snacking

Session 6. Thoughts and community support

Session 7. The impact of meal planning and understanding food labels

Session 8. Lifestyle planning and the impact of sleep

Session 9. Motivation and physical activity

Session 10. Mindfulness, tips for eating out and home cooking

Session 11. Asserting yourself and taking ownership of your health

Session 12. Continuing your physical activity

Session 13. Maintaining change and managing setbacks